We took the time to innovate, listen, change and redefine EnergIce®, and would not rest until it was not only the perfect taste but also the perfect size with all of the perfect ingredients.



We at EnergIce® believe that our customers know a good thing when they find it, and they will continue to choose EnergIce® once they try it. That has been the secret behind EnergIce’s® overwhelming success. We also know that a company is much more than just its name, its products, or a cool website. We know that providing efficient energy to athletes allows us to save thousands of bottles from being strewn in fields all over this land. At EnergIce®, we take extra steps to be good to not only our athletes but also our community and our environment.

  How EnergIce was Born

On a hot afternoon in a New York park, a few parents were speaking after yet another suburban weekend spent coaching and watching their kids participate in a game. As we did after every game, we found ourselves picking up dozens of partially consumed sports bottles all over the fields. Thus began a conversation that was inspired by those unfinished refreshments.

  Perseverance and Excellence

Under the direction of EnergIce CEO Glenn Firestone along with John Detommaso and Pat McCabe, two legendary hall of fame lacrosse players and Chris Hanley, all known for their perseverance and excellence on and off the field, they began to build the EnergIce® team.


Since its inception, EnergIce® has never been known to do things quietly. Under the leadership of its CEO Glenn Firestone, EnergIce® began to assemble an equally formidable team. We brought our idea to expert marketer’s, the Bishop’s (former owners of SoBe beverage and Founder of Blue Buffalo), then onto WILD Flavors, Inc. one of the leading food development companies, and finally to Jel Sert, the world’s leading ice maker.

  Still Not Satisfied

Still not satisfied, Glenn began calling on coaches and trainers in numerous sports to taste and critique the product. EnergIce® enlisted Jude Massillon, a world renowned trainer and 3x two-sport All-American at Penn State. He explained, “The more particles a rehydration beverage contains (such as carbohydrate, electrolytes, amino acids, anti-oxidants, protein or flavoring), the higher its concentration of particles. Optimal absorption of fluids within the body happens when a sports drink solution is equal in terms of concentration of particles dissolved in a solution to what naturally occurs in the body. As the concentration of your sports drinks increases, efficient uptake from the GI tract is decreased.”


Now armed with the realization that bigger is not always better, and remembering all of those half-empty bottles strewn on the field, we created the perfect on-field consumption size of 2.5 ounces…not 12, not 20, further proving that, “Not All Sports Energy Products are Created Equal.™

  EnergIce Today

Now, EnergIce® is available in 4 varieties of carefully formulated ice bars, including Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime and Pink Lemonade.