A premium isotonic ice bar that cools the core, hydrates, fuels and replenishes the body and tastes great!


“The difficult demands I place on my body require that I fuel my body in an efficient and intelligent manner. Nothing beats Energice! EnergIce’s isotonic premium ice bar is full of essential ingredients that keep me hydrated and gives me a boost during games. EnergIce is also a perfect way to cool my core body temperature at half time and replenish essential nutrients to give me the competitive edge needed at my level of competition. After the game, EnergIce provides me with key nutrients needed for a faster recovery to get me ready for tomorrow. Game time only happens with my EnergIce on hand!”
Cystal Dunn, U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer, U.S. Women's National Team and Washington Spirit
“EnergIce bars have the ability to transform the way in which special operations personnel rehydrate and recuperate during and after combat engagements and intense physical training. The bars have already garnered acclaim from some of our nation’s top operators, and I would expect them to become a staple supplement across military branches…. Personally, I look forward to enjoying an EnergIce bar before and after every workout – they’re delicious!”
Marcus C., Former SEAL Team 6 Operator
“As a professional athlete, we look to gain an advantage on our opponents any way possible. I have turned to EnergIce to help me gain that advantage. Entering my sixth year of professional hockey, I have a much better understanding of what an athlete’s body endures through the entirety of a season, as well as training in the off-season.

EnergIce is a product I use not only during the season but also the off-season. EnergIce gives me a boost while supplying key vitamins and numerous nutrients that are essential to maximizing my performance. EnergIce is a unique product and coming in frozen form, not only taste delicious but also helps lower body temperature and rehydrates which is crucial during competition. The vitamins and nutrients provided by EnergIce are the main components in my off-season training, so it’s a no-brainer to reach for one on a hot summer day after a workout.

EnergIce is not just a delicious treat, but its unique frozen form also helps lower body temperature and rehydrates the body which is crucial during competition.”

Steve Oleksy, Washington Capitals
“A little about me: I’d describe myself as your average young professional in the work force. I work full time, needless to say balancing work, school, play, and the exercise is not the easiest of tasks, but EnergIce gives me the energy and focus I need to make sure I fit everything in my busy schedule. I have been working off on and off for almost half of my life and have tried numerous pre/mid/post workout supplements. With literally thousands of dollars spent I still haven’t found one that is an anchor in my diet and routine, but EnergIce is about to change that all. The experience of EnergIce is unlike anything I’ve experienced on the market. Unlike almost all the supplements I have taken, I actually look forward to taking it! Not only does it taste great like classic Fruit Punch, but there’s nothing quite as refreshing as eating a frozen pop. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what season it is, I always look forward to ripping the top off of the packet and eating the EnergIce. In just a short time I am feeling the effects: a burst of lasting energy that I can burn by going full throttle in either a cardio or strength workout. There are no jitters or crash; it’s just the jolt I need to keep me rolling through my work out.

Thank you for sharing this great product with me. I plan on using it for the foreseeable future as well as sharing it with all of my friends!”

Dr. Patrick Towsend, Saint Luke's Health System
“If you don’t take care of your body, you will never reach your full potential as a runner. The EnergIce Premium Ice Bar was used by our runners in both pre and post workout. It allows us to warm-up faster and replenishes our energy sources so we can get ready for tomorrow! This quality product is a perfect carry for the warm-up and an easy transport for our staff after the meet. I will use it year round.”
Rolando Greene, Head Track & Field Coach, Purdue University
“In the world of college lacrosse, our athletes are asked to perform at a high rate. Whether it be a midfielder who may have many, short yet intense exertion episodes or a defenseman, goalie, or attackman who must consistently sustain over the course of a long game or practice, the need to refresh and replenish their bodies is always there. EnergIce provides them with great a tasting, fun way to get those lost nutrients back in their systems in a quick, effective manner.”
Bill Tierney, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, Denver University
“When you sent me the EnergIce, I expected caffeine, stimulants and extra sugar. When it actually arrived, I was surprised how intelligently it was constructed. I still had my doubts until I tasted it. I had my runners sample it and they liked it enough to ask for it the next day before we could bring it out. If taste was the only judge, EnergIce would be satisfying enough, but it gets our athletes back on track and ready to go. We now have a new statement for the hard workouts. Usually I hear my athletes say “Hey coach this is going to be an EnergIce Day!” EnergIce tastes good and it works! We love it!”
Neville Hodge, Head Track and Field Coach, Morgan State University
“Taking EnergIce® during my intense daily offseason training helps me prepare for the grueling NFL season. EnergIce® provides the ultimate in practical refreshment with no caffeine, no stimulants and is gluten free. During the NFL season, I incorporate EnergIce® into my 6 days a week workout routine (do not train on game day) and take the isotonic ice bar on game days pregame, halftime, and postgame to maintain the competitive advantage that is badly needed when going against the best athletes in the world. EnergIce® has made a huge impact in my training regimen and the results are seen on game day.”
Steve Weatherford, Former Punter, New York Giants