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Frozen Hydration Pops

Energice provides vitamin-infused, frozen electrolyte popsicles that give an athletic and medical recovery a whole new meaning!

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Eliminate Dehydration

Energice’s isotonic formula replenishes electrolytes, B vitamins, and potassium as quickly as your body can deplete them.

Refuel Your Body

Our 2 oz vitamin infused popsicles are equivalent to 13 ounces of your typical sports drink. Refuel your body with Energice.

Elevate Your Sport

Entrust in the knowledge of CEO, former pro athlete, and elite Nike training coach, Jude Massillon. Made by athletes, for athletes.

Why Energice

The future is here and the future is FRØZEN. Our top-secret formula for frozen hydration ice pops elevates the human body. Discover how to replenish electrolytes fast and avoid dehydration.

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Let’s state the obvious: what you consume fuels your body. Energice pops are free of stimulants, caffeine, artificial colors, and gluten.
Up your sports nutrition taste buds with four exciting flavors including fruit punch, blue raspberry, lemon lime, and pink lemonade popsicles.
The minds behind Energice have over 20 years of professional athlete training experience. Great minds, great performance.

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