You Bring the Fire. We Bring the Ice.

Energice’s vitamin-infused, frozen hydration pop gives athletic and medical recovery a new boost.

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The Coolest Pop Around

Energice is the vitamin-Infused, frozen hydration pop trusted by professional athletes and active individuals. Energice’s isotonic formula replenishes electrolytes, B vitamins and potassium as quickly as your body can deplete them.

Hydrate More with Less

Energice is "Certified for Sport" by the NSF and is caffeine, stimulant, artificial color, and gluten free. Each 2 oz Energice pop equals 13 oz of fluid replacement. Energice is only 30 calories per pop.

Why the Energice Choice is Clear

Hydration - Electrolytes

Energice replenishes electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, when the body is most deprived. 

Recovery - Potassium

 Energice's isotonic property delivers instant hydration and absorption of vitamins, speeding recovery.

Energy - B Vitamins

 Energice provides instant energy with water-soluble B3, B5, B6, B12 vitamins in each pop.

What the Pros Say

“The difficult demands I place on my body require that I fuel my body in an efficient and intelligent manner. Nothing beats Energice. Energice is a perfect way to cool my core body temperature at halftime, and after the game, Energice provides me with the key nutrients for a faster recovery.”

“Energice has the ability to transform the way special operations personnel rehydrate and recuperate during and after combat engagements and intense physical training. The pops have already garnered acclaim from some of our nation’s top operators and I would expect them to become a stable across military branches.”

“Athletes look for NSF Certified for Sport products like Energice to avoid harmful or adulterated supplements that could compromise their eligibility to compete, which is crucial for athletes competing in all sports and all levels.”