Warning: reading about extreme sports may cause you to sweat.

Imagine running at full speed up and down obstacles in a forty-foot course for 20 seconds with the adrenaline of being caught by another athlete. Sound vaguely familiar? Welcome to the team sport of World Chase Tag, the first and only global league for competitive tag. In this sport men and women from around the world train and compete in international competitions. World Chase Tag is an online phenomenon that was started in 2012 by Christian Devaux and currently has over 380 million views due to its exciting 

The Chase

If you thought it’s exhausting enough to sprint on a treadmill for a few seconds; think how your body would feel to sprint while sliding, jumping, and dodging another competitor. 

World Chase Tag is an extreme sport combining parkour and tag. Parkour is an exhausting sport consisting of running and smoothly navigating obstacles by jumping, climbing, and sliding. Mix parkour with tag; you have an ultimate sport that requires the most healthy and able-bodied athletes that fuel their bodies right with ultimate sports nutrition. It’s no surprise to us top-performing athletes like parkour professionals and Ninja Warrior competitors are the competitors of this sport. 

The teams are composed of up to six athletes and each match is best of 16 chases lasting 20 seconds each chase. If an evader, the one running from the chaser, successfully evades the chaser for the full 20 seconds, they stay on for the next chase. It’s not uncommon for some evaders to last a few rounds which doesn’t give their body very long to rest and recover. These athletes know how important it is to keep their body charged up with valuable nutrition and Energice is proud to support their rehydration goals.

Two world chase tag athletes competing with energice logos in the background

Refuel your Body

It is vital that athletes have access to a quick electrolyte replenishment that fuels their body and provides recovery when they only have 25 seconds to refuel. Energice is the option they reach for.

Racing and competition are important, but recovering from the impact your body has taken from your performance is often overlooked. Energice hydration popsicles are the perfect sports recovery to ensure your body gains electrolyte replenishment. When these athletes only have 25 seconds between chases to refuel, the ideal option is our 2oz hydration popsicles. Not only do our hydration popsicles cool them down, but the athletes can finish the entire hydration supplement in the short time they have to rehydrate.

Proudly Sponsored by Energice

Energice is there for athletes when they need us the most, from ultimate hydration to sports recovery.

Check out some clips of the extreme sport on World Chase Tag‘s Facebook, YouTube, or even popular sports channels like NBC Sports and ESPN. The United States, China, and the UK held the World Chase Tag National Championships in 2021 in preparation for the 2022 World Championships. We encourage you to watch the next round of these incredible athletes in the June 2022 broadcasting from London and see why we’re so proud to sponsor this outstanding sport and athletes.