Safe Supplements for Teenage Athletes

When it comes to teenage athletes, the rule of thumb is simple. Assuming you’re an adult, don’t put anything into their body that you’d question putting into your own.

Electrolyte Supplements

No Dangerous Additives

Few things are as intimidating as reading the back of an ingredients label. From artificial flavoring to ingredients that look like they’re written in a foreign language, being aware of what goes into your body is incredibly important.

Here’s what it all boils down to when it comes to safe supplements for teenage athletes: A solid sleep schedule, proper hydration, and a balanced diet. However, if you’re looking for an enhanced route towards sports performance, such as electrolyte supplements, make sure there aren’t any harmful additives.

Caffeine Free

Particularly for youth, caffeine can have a very negative impact on the body. Side effects include anxiety, insomnia, heachaches, and dehydration. Many of the sports supplements you find today contain an absurd of caffeine. Energice electrolyte popsicles are completely free of caffeine and stimulants!

No Artificial Coloring

Commonly associated with ADHD, many studies have drawn a parallel between artificial coloring and heightened hyperactivity among kids. Additionally, behavioral changes including depression and irritability have also been linked. Though studies haven’t been conclusive, Energice chooses to avoid the risk and use only natural coloring.

Gluten Free

Let’s be honest, the concept of gluten sensitivity has gone through the roof in recent years. Not everyone is allergic or sensitive to gluten. However, the issue is that gluten is prominent in so many foods where its presence isn’t necessary. Speaking very generally, gluten is a texturizer that makes many processed foods taste better.  Electrolyte popsicles shouldn’t be a product that needs gluten, that’s why Energice is gluten-free. 

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