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Buy Energice in Bulk

Energice is known for providing body-fueling electrolytes that combat dehydration. Our electrolyte popsicles are excellent for athletes, construction workers, and anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Order Energice hydration popsicles in bulk!

Electrolyte Supplements

Energice hydration popsicles are free of stimulants, dyes, gluten, and artificial flavoring. Typically sold in packs of 8, 40 and 96, Energice is happy to work with companies and organizations looking to order Energice popsicles in bulk. Let us know how many boxes and where we’re shipping our product and we’ll get back to you with a quote!

Supplements for Athletes

If there’s one thing Energice understands, it’s athletes. The founder of Energice, Jude Massillon, has been training some of the top athletes for over 20 years including 38 National Champions and 43 first-round NFL draft picks.

Fuel athletes with supplements you can trust. Energice is trusted by MLB teams, D1 football programs, World Chase Tag, and many more!

Two world chase tag athletes competing with energice logos in the background

Best Drinks for Construction Workers

Few jobs are as taxing as working outside in the raging sun. Now, add in construction gear and hard hats that trap the heat. Figuring out how to stay hydrated is crucial.

Energice ice pops are popping with electrolytes and vitamins! One,  2oz popsicle is equivalent to 13 oz of your favorite sports drink.

Keep your crew cool and hydrated with Energice!

construction worker working on the road in the sun