Starter 8-Pack


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Each of the Energice Starter Packs contains 8 pops which includes:

  • 2 – Fruit Punch
  • 2- Blue Raspberry
  • 2- Lemon Lime
  • 2 – Pink Lemonade

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The package will contain 1 box of 8 x 2oz pops.

  • Energice is the vitamin-Infused, frozen hydration pop trusted by professional athletes and active individuals
  • Energice’s isotonic formula delivers electrolytes, B vitamins and potassium for peak performance
  • Energice is caffeine, stimulant, artificial color and gluten-free
  • Each 2oz Energice pop equals 13oz of fluid replacement
  • Energice is only 30 calories and is NSF Certified for Sport®

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