Striving Towards

Ultimate Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is crucial for athletic success. Imagine putting kerosine into a corvette. Not only will it not function correctly, but it will also most likely damage the vehicle. Human bodies are incredibly similar. Without the right food, hydration, and regimen, athletes cannot reach peak performance or maintain current fitness.

The core components to ultimate sports nutrition can be broken down into Fueling, Hydration, and Recovery. Specifically, we’re going to cover the Hydration aspect of sports sustenance.

We all know the importance of water. H20 regulates body temperate, lubricates the joints, and prevents dizziness when exercising. However, when you’re competing, how do you quickly replenish your body?


Refuel Your Body

Electrolyte Recovery

Electrolytes are the essential minerals that fuel the human body. For example, sodium, calcium, and potassium are a part of the electrolyte family. Without them, performance lags as does the body.

Now, apply that to an athlete’s body. As you exercise, the body’s storage of these core elements depletes. The result? Muscle cramps, fluid regulation, and even heart function.

When working out for extended periods of time, athletes have to up the antics from water to an electrolyte and vitamin solution. Often, the first thought is a sports drink. However, choose wisely. More often than not, sports drinks are full of unnecessary sugar, dyes, sodium, and even caffeine.


The Ideal Solution

Electrolyte Popsicles

Energice electrolyte popsicles are the future in ultimate sports nutrition. These popsicles are free of stimulants, artificial colors, and gluten. The best part? Energice ice pops are 2oz each and contain the equivalent that a 13oz sports drink has to offer.

Quickly replenish electrolytes, Vitamin B, and potassium as fast as your body needs. Energice is a proud sponsor of World Chase Tag and Spartan Races. Shop our products online or find them in Dick’s Sporting Goods. Energice offers 4 different flavors including blue raspberry, fruit punch, lemon-lime, and pink lemonade.